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Photography - Architecture - Events - Portraits - Environment - Products - Location

Do you need high quality images for online or print use? I can work on location or in a studio and use digital imaging as well as film.

Buildings, architecture and structural engineering are a speciality as I have experience in the structural steelwork industry.

Looking for images of people, portraits or documentary photographs to illustrate an article, brochure or website?

More and more I'm being asked to photograph events, both as a record but also to advertise them in magazines and newspapers.

Contact me for an estimate, you may be quietly surprised how little half a days photography can be.

You can puchase photographs that I have taken at events and stock images for print and online use at my photo library website:

This is a small selection of commercial photographs from my portfolio:


Unlimited Photography - Stock & Event Photography

Download free and commercial stock images for print and online use, commercial prices from £2.50 to £25.00 for original files. Royalty Free and extended licences available.

Do you need event photography in Herefordshire or sourounding counties? I can cover most types of formal or informl evenus including:

Corporate events, conferences and conventions, business events, private events, performances, concerts, group photography, dinners, sports events, hen parties, birthday gatherings, proms, shows.

Recent Event Photos

Stock Image Galleries


Photography and Web Design

Web Design and Development

Whether you need a five page website design to launch your new business or project, or a large content managed website with multimedia content that you can update yourself; Infinity Unlimited can help you. We work with you to build websites to match your needs and budget.

Make your website work on mobile and tablet devices, and integrate with social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, MySpace etc.

Contact me if you need help and advice about designing or re-designing your website.

Download, complete and send this questionnaire to me if you require more information: Website Design Questionnaire

  • - Responsive design of an existing website based on a Wordpress CMS. Optimised for Search Engines with Google Analytics tracking and monitoring using Google webmaster tools. Also includes an integrated email newsletter and an automatic backup system for security.
  • - Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form in Leominster, Herefordshire with integrated News, school calendar, document library and news feeder.
  • - Owen Pell Limited, Building and Civil Engineering Contractors uses a filter system on their project pages so that specific types of project can be selected
  • - Content managed Teaching School website with an online course booking facility, secure document library and user sign up system.
  • - Basic 10 page static website with animation and photography
  • - Simple 4 page website using Wordpress CMS with a customised template.
  • - Community website using Wordpress CMS
  • - Blog and gateway to an online shop and social networking. Using Wordpress, custom theme, newsletter sign-up and management.
  • - Content Managed System (CMS) portfolio and news website using a customised Wordpress installation that was built before being handed over to the client to manage new content.
  • - Multimedia production and website for an alcohol awareness campaign by The Bulmer Foundation involving students from Herefordshire College of Technology, Hereford College of Arts and Hereford Sixth Form College.
    This project started in January 2008 and the website went live in November 2008. Working with around 40 young people who came up with ideas for the content and took part in the videos and photo shoots I produced four videos and a large number of Flash movies to show the stories and messages that the young people wanted to send to their peers.
    The production team was complemented by Sarah Ray who illustrated 'Super Liver' and Matt Watson who helped on the video 'Empties'.
  • - Website to promote the publications of Herefordshire Lore who collect, publish and archive people's recollections of the past.
  • - Educational Alcohol awareness micro-site for The Bulmer Foundation used to evaluate a drama project delivered by The Play House in Herefordshire.
  • - Stylish showcase for an educational project called Gaining Ground that is based in Pupil Referral Units throughout Herefordshire. It utilises Flash, Flash Video and unobtrusive JavaScript to display multimedia content produced by the young people.

Infinity Unlimited is a top website design firm in Herefordshire on

Photography and Web Design

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, etc

Utilise online social networking to create an interest in your product, services, project, organisation and direct them to your website. Let Infinity Unlimited take the strain and hassle out of of commissioning, integrating and maintaining your social networking platforms. We can also provide you with meaningful analytics and statistics to show you how social networking is taking you forward.

Learn how to use tools such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to manage your social networking communications, and know what to post and when to post it. Train your team to get your message across all platforms.

Contact me to discuss how you and your organisation can utilise one or more of the myriad of social networking platforms to increase your reach. It can all be a bit confusing at first so let me show and tell you how easy it can be and which way will suit your particular needs.


Do you need to create and produce videos for your business, charity, school or just need a keepsake of a friend or family member? I enjoy incorporating your ideas and imagination with my knowledge and expertise to create polished and engaging finished productions.

Video is a powerful way to get your message across, whether it is a commercial or informational. The moving image with high quality audio is the most effective way to communicate, especially with complex subjects. You can get your message across in as little as 60 seconds, and make it available to the world.

Just contact me for some informal advice about using video to promote your service or product.

I make affordable, high quality films for companies, charities, not-for-profits, and individuals. Delivered and packaged as DVDs and/or uploaded to the web as required.

  • Video will get you noticed
  • Video will help get your message across
  • Video is a powerful marketing or fund raising tool
  • Video is multiplatform, used for DVD distribution, online, television and at events

Focus on one message

It’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of trying to put too much into one video. Video is hard and expensive! Should’t you cram it full of information? Nope — too much information will make it impossible for your audience to retain everything and will often scare them away.

Try to find the one very simple thing that you can hope to get across in the video.

Does Video Length Matter?

Only 9.42% of audiences will watch a video that is 5 minutes or longer!

Shorter videos are more engaging than longer videos. Try to keep your content as concise as possible to achieve the highest engagement. If your message is more complex, give it the time it deserves, but understand that a major chunk your audience won’t make it to the end of the video and consider front-loading your video with the most important information at the beginning.


Photography and Web Design

I produce stunning graphic design for print and online use including identity (logos and branding), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), advertisements and product packaging.

Graphic design enhances transfer of knowledge and visual messages. Readability and legibility is enhanced by improving the visual presentation and layout of text. Information Graphics provide viewers with easy to read and understand solutions. Design will aid in selling a product or idea through effective visual communication. Using a mixture of photography, type and vector graphics.

Contact me to talk about your graphic design needs, whether for internet or print use.

I employ the following criteria into every design:

Balance -  is based on the notion, “the whole is the sum of its parts.” Using balance, design elements or the “parts” are organized to create a whole that has equilibrium.

Proportion – good proportion maintains an agreeable relation of parts within the whole. It’s the consideration of parts in relation to the whole.

Contrast – created when elements are combined, provides necessary variety. Without contrast, even good design can be boring (or worse, ineffectual). While balance and proportion help to maintain cohesiveness, contrast adds interest.

Economy – “less is more” principle. On average, simplicity tends to emphasize a design’s intent more powerfully than complexity.

Direction – when elements are arranged well, “movement” or the illusion of direction is created. This helps lead the viewer’s eye and can emphasize the design’s intent.

Emphasis – also known as dominance, this condition exists when design elements are arranged to create a hierarchy of visual importance. For example, the cover of a book might include a title, subtitle, and the author’s name.

Space – perhaps most important to overall quality of design — as important as emphasis, but overlooked by many designers — is space. Including space (often called white space) in a design provides its other elements with all the characteristics listed above. More often than not, a design fails without space.


Photography and Web Design


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Infinity Unlimited is Christopher Preece and is proud to be based in Herefordshire. I produce beautifully crafted photography, websites, videos and graphics and help people learn about creating and using media -online, in print and on the screen.

If you need digital photography, video or multimedia content designed for the web or print I can help you. I also design and deliver media training and workshops to groups and individuals. I have delivered photography, video, graphics and web design training programmes to schools and other organisations..

I produce photography for a range of uses including portraiture, events, product, weddings and hen party’s as well as architectural and interior photography for architects, developers and builders. Most of the output is digital to allow quick a turn around. I use a mobile lighting studio for portraits and interior lighting of buildings.

The web sites that I design and build range from basic brochure sites, user content managed sites, multimedia showcases, and slick flash based galleries. Ultimately budget decides what type of website is produced. I have successfully worked with the commercial, educational and voluntary sectors as well as sole traders. Generally I work on projects that I enjoy and with organisations who appreciate the creativity, organisation and logic that I bring to them.

Serving the UK including Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset, Avon, Devon, Cornwall, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Powys, Monmouthshire, Wales, West Midlands, West of England, North of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, London and the South East England

No job too small, no job too big, happy to get involved and provide advice and support and bring some creativity and organisation into new media projects.

Long time clients include:
The Bulmer Foundation -
- web design, video, training workshops

Communion Architects -
- photography

Hereteach Alliance Teaching School -
- web design, photography, video, workshops

Eastnor Pottery -
- web design, photography, video, social media, blogging

The Rural Media Company -
- photography, web design, graphic design, video, training, workshops

RRA Architects -
- photography, web design, video

Borderlines Film Festival -
- photography

Earl Mortimer College -
- photography, web design


Some of the wonderful organisations that I have had the pleasure of working with

Client Logos



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Linkedin can be used to find new clients and collaborators as well as keeping in touch with existing ones

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