Browns Joinery Website

Browns Joinery Website

Catalogue Website

This website is designed to provide customers with the full range of custom made windows and doors. New branding was commissioned to reflect the new image and marketing strategy of Brownd Joinery. This included a new logo that is beging used in print publications and signage as well as for this new website.

The products were catalogued in a logical way before being photographed in the factory. Location images were provided by the client from installation visits.

Due to the large number of different products and different customisations of finish, glass and ironmongery the website has over 1200 images and 50 pages. The client wanted to limit the number of pages. This led to use of long pages that utilise differnt forms of image carousels.

Many specifications are repeated throughout the different catalogues, therefore content blocks are used to control this information accross the whole website. This allows easy edited of many similar pages by changes a single content block.

Browns Joinery Website Browns Joinery Website