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Owen Pell Photography and Website

New web presence with high quality images

Website and site photography for Hereford based Owen Pell. Established in 1976 Owen Pell are key players in the local construction industry.

The client asked me to design and build a new website that focuses on the two arms of their business, building construction and civil engineering. My approach was to separate these two areas into two project portfolios. Each portfolio page has a filter system built in, this enables users to select a specific aspects of civil engineering or construction.

Photography is an ongoing commission so that the website portfolio gets updated with new projects. I've been able to be creative when photographing roads, footways and underground drainage systems! Often I am working in a construction area that can be vast with heavy plant and machinery or in large factory situations. The building projects lend themselves better to photography and involve less scrambling around in the mud and dust.

Owen Pell Photography and Website Owen Pell Photography and Website